Our principle- Drucker Diagnostics Inc

Our principle- Drucker Diagnostics Inc

  • Products-QBC Malaria, Dry Haematology analyser, Fluorescence TB and Malaria diagnostics stains and Centrifuges;

The Drucker Company bought QBC and formed Drucker Diagnostics Inc.. With the acquisition, we got a company that makes great centrifuges, The Horizon range of Centrifuges with novel way of doing centrifugation and a company with a first class product for Malaria and TB diagnosis using fluorescent technique. Being the distributor for the Drucker Company we Import,promote, sell, distribute and support their range of products which is:

QBC Malaria Testing using fluorescent techniques

-TB Diagnosis using Fluorescent and staining technique(F.A.S.T) technology. This is a 3 minutes staining technique using ready to use Auromine  O stain.

-Dry Haematology using Centrifugal Haematology analyser like Autoread and QBC Star.

Horizon range of Centrifuges: The Drucker Company has been manufacturing centrifuges since 1932 specializing in the Clinical laboratory centrifuges.

These centrifuges are in use in:

Kenyatta National Hospital

The Mater Hospital

Gertrude’s Gardens Children’s Hospital

Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital

Aga Khan Hospital-Msa,

 Amongst other places.

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