Our Principles

  1. Euromex Microscoppen Hollande: Products-Microscopes

A company resident in Hollande Eurmomex Microscopen Hollande specializes in manufacturing, selling , distributing high quality Microscopes since 1966. Euromex prides itself in having over 98% of its entire product range in stock at any one given time.

The Microscopes manufactured by Euromex are used all over the world. The scope is wide covering Material science, Biological Sciences, teaching and many other fields. We have sold a number of these high quality microscopes to various institutions in Kenya.

  1. Woodley Equipment Company Limited. ISE based Electrolyte analyzer including equipment and reagents as well as backup service from competent technical personnel. With experience of over 6 years in this field we are competent to handle electrolyte analysis using ISE technology. We have supplied Reagents from Phoenix Diagnostics Inc. are sold to support this line of product. The Insight Electrolyte analyser from Woodley completes the line with the equipment. Dry Chemistry , SpotChem Ez distributed by Woodley Equipment Company compliments the Electrolyte analyser with the analysis of the other chemistries.


  • Drucker Diagnostics Inc.: Products-QBC Malaria, Dry Haematology analyser, Fluorescence TB and Malaria diagnostics stains and Centrifuges;

The Drucker Company bought QBC and formed Drucker Diagnostics Inc.. With the acquisition, we got a company that makes great centrifuges, The Horizon range of Centrifuges with novel way of doing centrifugation and a company with a first class product for Malaria and TB diagnosis using fluorescent technique. Being the distributor for the Drucker Company we Import,promote, sell, distribute and support their range of products which is:

QBC Malaria Testing using fluorescent techniques

-TB Diagnosis using Fluorescent and staining technique(F.A.S.T) technology. This is a 3 minutes staining technique using ready to use Auromine  O stain.

-Dry Haematology using Centrifugal Haematology analyser like Autoread and QBC Star.

.-Horizon range of Centrifuges: The Drucker Company has been manufacturing centrifuges since 1932 specializing in the Clinical laboratory centrifuges.


These centrifuges are in use in:

Kenyatta National Hospital

The Mater Hospital

Gertrude’s Gardens Children’s Hospital

Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital

Aga Khan Hospital-Msa,

 Amongst other places.

  • Sheldon Manufacturing , Inc(Shellab) is a well established company in the USA in the field of laboratory equipment manufacturing. Amongst their range of products are:

-Laboratory incubators

-Laboratory water baths

-Ovens for use in the Clinical Laboratory

-Anaerobic Chambers

And others

  • PROHS . This is a Portuguese company that specializes in manufacturing, selling and supporting Hospital equipment. Amongst the equipment they manufacture are

-Sterilizers of many different sizes

-CSSD equipment

  • Artron Laboratories Inc. : This is a Canadian company specializing in Rapid testing. In their range of products is:

-H. Pylori-Stool antigen test kits

-Rota and adeno Virus kits and others

  • COLDWAY: This is a French Company specializing in Cold Chain products. Their Alcatherm technology based products enables transportation of cold chain product refrigerated with absolute autonomy from any power source. The Eutectics and ice packs are rendered useless with this technology.



  • Fresenisu Kabi


-Syringe Pumps

-Infusions Pumps

-Feeding Pumps

-Continuous Autologous Blood transfusion product

-Depth of Anesthesia monitoring devices

Consumables to go with all the above


  • MR International Healthcare Technology Co. Ltd- products range

-4 parameters Urine Strips URS-4

-3 parameters Urine Urine Strips :URS-3

-10 parameters Urine Urine Strips: Uristik A10,


  • SH-500 Automatic Urine Strip Reader
  • Uristik U10, 10 parameters urine strips for Analyser SH-500
  • Uristik U11 , 11 parameters urine strips for Analyser SH-500
  • 5 part diff haematology analyser
  • 3 part diff haemaology analyser



  • Euroimmun Medizinische Labordiagnostika AG: Website: euroimmun.com

This is a German Company specializing in high technology Lab diagnostics Equipment and Reagents for-

-Autoimmunity diagnosis

-Allergy Testing


-Infectious Diseases

-Antigen Detection




-Western Blots

  • Ardo Medical AG: This is a swiss company specializing in Suction Technology, Neonatal care and



  • SPL Life sciences: Website http://www.spllifesciences.com                                           This is a premium manufacturer from South Korea. The product range includes plastic consumables including those for


-Molecular biology

-clinical pathology labware

-Insect Culture

-Tissue Culture



  • Lmb Technologies GmbH:

-Blood Bank Equipment

-Plasma Extractor

-Non Invasive Hb measurement device

  • EVERmed SrL Italy

-Blood Bank Refrigerator

-Ultra Low freezers

-Medical refrigerators

-Medical Freezers


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