BluCAPP 15 mL conical centrifuge tubes are made of high quality PP, which endures the centrifugation force of 16.000 RCF. CAPP centrifuge tubes 15 mL can be sterilized by autoclaving in the temperature of 121°C for 20 minutes. The leak proof caps of BluCAPP 15 mL conical tubes have large ridges, providing the optimal grip when wearing gloves. Additionally, the 3/4 turn closure enables single-handed operation when opening and tightening BluCAPP 15 mL test tubes. Perfectly covering lab’s every day’s needs for sample storage and centrifugation, BluCAPP centrifuge tubes 15 mL have clear and easy to read graduation marks and a large writing area (20x50mm). BluCAPP centrifuge tubes 15 mL come sterile, packed in bags of 25 pcs. CAPP offers also a clinical centrifuge (CRC-656) which along with BluCAPP 15 mL conical centrifuge tubes will be an ideal centrifugation station for your work. Contact us to receive free samples of BluCAPP centrifuge tubes 15 mL and find the optimal 15 mL test tubes for your application.


Cat. No. Description
5100015C BluCAPP centrifuge tubes 15ml, pre-sterile, 20×25 pcs.


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