Expell reloading tips system is the perfect choice for users wishing to save on plastic waste and storage space. CAPP reloading tips system is extremely easy to use and most cost effective compared to bulk or racked systems. The refill tips are delivered in handy towers consisting of plates with refill tips. The plates are easy to pick up and insert into the empty racks. CAPP reloading tips plates are fully compatible with all CAPP racks of filter and non filter tips. Empty racks are also available. Both the tips and the racks are autoclavable. Save substantially on plastic consumption and shipping costs by reusing your empty tip racks permanently.


Cat. No. Description
5030035C Expell 10µL, reload, 10x10x96 pcs.
5030034C Empty rack for 10µL reload tips, 50 pcs.
5030055C Expell 10/20µL XL, extra narrow, reload, 10x10x96 pcs.
5030054C Empty rack for 10µL XL tips, 50 pcs.
5030095C Expell 200µL, reload, 10x10x96 pcs.
5030094C Empty rack for 200µL reload tips, 50 pcs.
5130111C Expell 300 µL, reload, 10x8x96 pcs.
5130155C Expell 1000µL (1250µL), reload, 10x5x96 pcs.
5130125C Empty rack for 1000µL (1250µL) reload tips, 32 pcs.


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