Expell freezer boxes are made of highly durable polypropylene, making them perfectly suitable for work at low and high temperatures. You can use Expell freezer boxes for storage at -90°C and you can also autoclave them at +121°C for 20 minutes. Expell freezer boxes are ideal for cryovials storage. All CAPP cryo boxes have the same lower part of 130 x 130 mm and lids in 5 different heights: 32, 40, 50, 80 and 90 mm. With this flexible construction, you can use Expell freezer boxes to store cryo tubes in sizes from 0.5 to 5mL. Expell cryo boxes are suitable for storage of multiple brands of cryovials, though used along with Expell cryo tubes, the cryo boxes from CAPP will provide you with further unique and space-saving advantages.

Expell cryo tubes are one of the only external thread tubes suitable for storage on freezer boxes with 10×10 dividers. Combining Expell cryovials with Expell cryo boxes, you save up to 23% storage space, compared to other standard solutions.
Additionally, you can store approximately 30% more samples on your ULT (ultralow temperature) freezer when using the 0.5mL Expell cryovials with the right match racks for storage on ULT and 32mm freezer boxes, compared to the use of conventional 2.0mL cryotubes and 50mm boxes.

CAPP freezer boxes have a numerical coding for each tube, enabling a quick and easy sample identification. The star-foot lock at the bottom of each box well enables one-handed tube opening without taking the tube out of the box. On top of that, CAPP freezer boxes have slanted edges for easier identification and handling.


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