Expell Secure Micro Tubes have an exclusive design of click-locking lid, which significantly reduces the risk of accidental opening or popping off during intense centrifugation or heating. Expell Secure Micro Tubes offer a leak-proof performance, minimizing sample loss due to evaporation, assuring reliable long term sample integrity at the same time. Work safely and conveniently with Expell Secure Micro Tubes, achieving reliable work results!
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Expell Secure Micro Tubes are made of a clear polypropylene. The conical base and easy-to-read graded measurement markings from 0.1 to 1.5 mL offer you some extra room and work comfort when freezing your samples.

Expell Secure Micro Tubes are equipped with a hinged lid of frosted material, making the correct labelling of your samples extremely easy. Manufactured to ensure that no plastic can leach into samples during storage or centrifugation, Expell Secure Micro Tubes minimize the risk of contamination. 

CAPP 1.5mL Secure Micro Tubes are available in standard (Expell) and low-retention (ExpellPlus) version. The ExpellPlus Secure Micro Tubes feature extra low-binding properties. To enable efficient sample differentiation, 1.5mL Expell Secure Micro Tubes are also available in multiple colours: magenta, blue, yellow, green, orange and black – developed especially for processing light-sensitive or fluorescent samples.

The Expell Secure Micro Tubes are an excellent and cost-effective addition to your laboratory supplies, offering secure storage for transporting, mixing and storing all your liquid, solid and reagent samples.


Cat. No. Description
5001500C ExpellPlus Secure Micro Tubes 1.5mL, bulk, low retention, 20×500 pcs.
5101500C Expell Secure Micro Tubes 1.5 mL, bag, 20×500 pcs.
5101590C Expell Secure Micro Tubes 1.5 mL, bulk, assorted colours, 20×500 pcs. (magenta, blue, yellow, green, orange)
5101550C Expell Secure Micro Tubes 1.5 mL, bulk, black, 20×500 pcs.
5102000C Expell Secure Micro Tubes 2.0 mL, bag, 16×500 pcs.


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