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With the inhalation allergies, the allergens enter the body via the air the mucous membranes and lead to measurable IgE concentration.  Seasonal allergen source (pollen from trees, grasses and herbs) play a role, as do also indoor allergens (house dust mites, domestic animals and mould spores) which occur the whole year round. The symptoms usually occur shortly after contact with the allergen. This is referred to as immediate type reaction and affects more than 15% of the population in the industrialised countries. Typical allergic reactions are rhinitis, conjunctivitis and allergic asthma. In rare cases, systemic allergic reactions may occur which are associated with severe, sometimes life-threatening symptoms (anaphylactic shock).


For clarification of sensitisation to inhalation allergens, EUROIMMUN offers different inhalation profiles (EUROLINE). These permit the in vitro determination of human IgE antibodies against the most frequent inhalation allergens in serum or plasma. Moreover, country-specific inhalation profiles are available which vary in their allergen composition and are optimised with regard to the regional conditions.

Moreover, the Total IgE ELISA can determine the total IgE concentration, allowing differentiation between allergic and intrinsic asthma, between rhinitis allergica and vasomotorica and between atopical and seborrhoic dermatitis.


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