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  • Efficient allergy profile diagnostics using the EUROLINE system

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  • Polarization microscopes

    A polarised light microscope for Life Science applications is an standard optical microscope that is equipped with a circular 360° rotating stage, strain free objectives, a polariser to generate polarised light and a second polariser – called the “analyzer” to the light path between objective and eyepiece

    Steady advances made over the past few years have enabled biologists to study the birefringent character of many anisotropic sub-cellular assemblies. Today, more and more biologist uses polarised light microscope for their investigation

     iScope materials science (polarization)


    Delphi-X Observer polarization




    CAPP Expell cryotubes are designed with a focus on the best user experience and convenience. Featured with single-handed QuickSealTM closure, the external thread design allows tightening or removal with only half a turn. Simultaneously, the Lip Seal Cap Design of Expell cryotubes, ensures 100% leak proof closure without the use of internal cap O-rings. CAPP Expell cryogenic tubes have a unique streamlined design with absolutely no edges on the lid or between the lid and the tube. This revolutionary streamlined design makes CAPP Expell cryotubes, one of the only external thread cryo tubes that can be stored on cryo boxes with 10×10 dividers. The majority of other external thread cryogenic tubes on the market are only suitable for storage on 9×9 boxes. With CAPP Expell cryotubes, you save up to 23% of your storage capacity compared to the conventional external thread cryo tubes. On top of that, CAPP Expell cryogenic tubes are also compatible with common working stations on the market.

    CAPP’s unique portfolio of cryotubes covers 5 volumes: 0.5mL, 1.0mL, 2.0mL, 4.0mL and 5.0mL. With CAPP Expell cryo tubes of 0.5mL you can efficiently store even the very small samples, as these are the smallest cryotubes available on the market. Additionally, you can store approximately 30% more samples on your ULT (ultralow temperature) freezer when using the 0.5mL Expell cryotubes with the right match racks for storage on ULT and 32mm cryo boxes, compared to the use of conventional 2.0mL cryotubes and 50mm boxes.

    Both the caps and the cryo tubes are made of specially formulated polypropylene, having the same coefficient of expansion and therefore enhancing the leak proof qualities at various temperatures. Expell cryo tubes come packed in re-sealable stand-up pouches, saving benchtop space. They are suitable for storage in the vapor phase of liquid nitrogen


    Cat. No. Description
    5040500C Expell Cryotubes 0,5mL, pre-sterile, bag, 10×100 pcs
    5041000C Expell Cryotubes 1,0mL, pre-sterile, bag, 10×100 pcs
    5042000C Expell Cryotubes 2,0mL, pre-sterile, bag, 10×100 pcs
    5044000C Expell Cryotubes 4,0mL, pre-sterile, bag, 5×100 pcs
    5045000C Expell Cryotubes 5,0mL, pre-sterile, bag, 5×100 pcs
    504R000C Red Cap Insert for Expell Cryotubes, 1×500 pcs.
    504B000C Blue Cap Insert for Expell Cryotubes, 1×500 pcs.
    504G000C Green Cap Insert for Expell Cryotubes, 1×500 pcs.
    504W000C White Cap Insert for Expell Cryotubes, 1×500 pcs.
    504Y000C Yellow Cap Insert for Expell Cryotubes, 1×500 pcs.
  • Anti-CCD absorbent


    Anti-CCD absorbent is an additional reagent designed for the incubation with blot-based allergy profiles. The absorbent eliminates anti-CCD IgE antibodies from patient serum, which increases the specificity of test results if these antibodies are present in the sample.

    Anti-CCD IgE antibodies are directed against sugar structures of proteins and can be detected in around 25 % of allergy patients as well as in non-allergic individuals. They generally have no clinical relevance.

    In extract-based in vitro allergy diagnostics, these antibodies complicate the interpretation of positive results because the following cases cannot be differentiated:

    • positive reaction caused by IgE antibodies against peptide epitopes
    • positive reaction caused by anti-CCD IgE antibodies
    • positive reaction caused by a combination of the two antibody types

    Differentiation between the described reactions is possible if the absorbent is used and the anti-CCD IgE antibodies are eliminated.

    The anti-CCD absorbent is useful if the patient sample demonstrably contains IgE antibodies against CCD structures. This is indicated by a positive CCD band on the incubated allergy profile. In this case, the serum should be retested using the anti-CCD absorbent.


    The patient sample is incubated with anti-CCD absorbent for 60 minutes at room temperature according to the instruction provided with the reagent. The sample can then be used directly in the incubation with the respective allergy profile.

  • EUROLabWorkstation IFA

    Full automation of indirect immunofluorescence

    The EUROLabWorkstation IFA heralds a new era in IIFT automation. With this new development EUROIMMUN enables fully automated and standardised processing with highest capacity and highest efficiency for laboratories with high sample throughput. Up to 750 substrate fields and more than 700 samples can be analysed at high throughput with just one worklist. The system was developed by EUROIMMUN with a focus on data integrity and minimisation of manual processes. The established TITERPLANE Technique is complemented by the newly developed MERGITE! technology for washing of slides. This ensures brilliant fluorescence signals without background for the automatically mounted slides.

    The software can be operated comfortably and intuitively via a touch screen and guides the user through the entire process. Complete traceability is guaranteed at all times, since the matrix codes of the slides and the barcodes of samples, reagents and accessories are automatically detected in each step of the process.

  • ADVANCED blood bag 3D mixing scale with large touch screen

    • Compact, light, elegant and practical design
    • Reliable, sturdy and robust
    • Designed for mobile long lifetime use
    • Ergonomic design – User friendly
    • Intuitive icon-based user interface and diagnostic on full colour touch display
    • Easy access for tube insertion
    • Easy to clean and Service friendly
    Advanced and smart technology
    • Flexibility in the usage of any type of blood tubing and blood bag
    • Latest lithium-ion battery technology for up to 8 hours of operation or 50 donations per battery charge
    • No space is wasted
    • 3-dimensional mixing during blood donation
    • Audible and visual warning system
    • Multilanguage support
    • Data collection via USB port and RF Wi-Fi (optional)
  • Blood bag system


    • 16G sharp needle allows smooth, painless puncture
    • Different types of anticoagulants provide variant preservation, CPDA-1 for enhanced storage up to 35 days and CPD-SAGM for red blood concentrate storage up to 42 days
    • Platelet storage bag with gas permeability enables the storage of viable platelets for up to 5 days at 22°C
    • High-quality Whole blood and RBC Leukodepletion filters, to avoid white blood cells
    Maximal blood products yield, reduced risks
    • Sampling Bag and Vacuum Tube Holder for convenient and contamination-free sampling and an undiluted blood sample is collected
    • Outlet Port connects with a transfusion set with the closure-piercing device without leakage, safe and easy to open
    • Port covers are provided to avoid contamination and can be opened with one hand to avoid direct contact with the port itself
  • EldonCards – blood grouping

    Why knowing your blood type matters The importance of blood types and the convenience of the EldonCard™

    Knowing your blood type can help you understand your health better; it is also needed for blood donations and important for safe pregnancies. Most critically, it could save your life if you need an emergency blood transfusion. You can learn your blood type in just a couple of minutes using the EldonCard™

    Understanding Blood Types

    All blood consists of plasma, red and white blood cells, and platelets. Your blood type is inherited from your parents and determined by the presence or absence of certain antigens and antibodies. The antigens are protein markers present on the surface of red blood cells, while antibodies are produced in the plasma or liquid portion of the blood. The type of antigen you have tells us what your blood type is.

    Depending on the antigen on the red blood cells the blood type is classified by two elements: The ABO grouping system and the Rhesus (Rh) factor which is either present (Rh positive) or not present (Rh-negative). For example, if you have A antigens on your red blood cells, your blood type is A. If someone has both A and B antigens, they are type AB. If you do not have any antigens on the surface of red blood cells, your blood type is O. For each antigen on the blood cell, the opposite antibody is produced in the plasma. For example, type B blood has anti-type A antibodies.

    Receiving blood that’s incompatible with one’s own blood type may trigger a serious immune response that can be fatal. While there are more than 20 blood-type systems, ABO and Rh are by far the most important.

  • Immersion Oil Type A

    Biognost Immersion Oil Type A for Microscopy with high viscosity and great clarity.

    It is non drying.

  • HORIZON 12 Flex

    Programmable Routine Centrifuge

    Capacity: 12 x 75-100 mm (3-10 mL)
    Max RCF: 2,000 xg
    Max RPM: 3,700 RPM
    Weight: 30 lbs (13.7 kg)
    Dimensions: 9 x 15 x 13 in (23 x 39 x 32 cm)
    Warranty: 2 years (lifetime on rotor)
    • Monitor time remaining on the digital display
    • Program up to 10 custom time and speed settings
    • LED lid lighting indicates cycle status
    • Designed, built, and supported in the USA
  • The Horizon 642VES

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  • Volumat Agilia Volumetric Infusion Pump

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