• EUROBlotMaster

    • Flexible automation for all EUROIMMUN blot strips (EUROLINE, EUROLINE-WB, Westernblot)
    • Standardised processing for better precision and reproducibility
    • Combination of autoimmune, infection and allergy diagnostics on one device
    • Two models available: up to 30 or up to 44 strips per run
    • Easy operation using menu navigation on the integrated display
    • Combination of different conjugates/tests in one run
    • Compact tabletop device with low space requirement
  • EUROBlotOne

    • Fully automated system for the processing of up to 44 immunoblots in one run – from sample identification to the final result
    • Integrated drying unit for fast evaluation of strips and high reproducibility of results
    • Highest security through automatic barcode identification of samples
    • Flexible combination of autoimmune and infection parameters in one run and autoimmune, infection and allergy diagnostics on one device
    • Intuitive software for secure and convenient operation
    • Reliable automatedevaluation of blot strips with EUROLineScan software
  • EUROIMMUM Infectious Serology fro A to Z

    [pdf-embedder url=”https://hckl.co.ke/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/HI_0000_I_UK_B12_infectious-serology.pdf” title=”HI_0000_I_UK_B12_infectious serology”]

  • EUROIMMUN Analyzer I

    • Fully automated ELISA processing for medium to high sample volume with minimal manual input
    • Open system with more than 800 validated EUROIMMUN parameters for autoimmune, infection and allergy diagnostics
    • High reliability and traceability due to automatic identification of barcodes of patient samples and ready-to-use reagents
    • Fast processing of up to 70 tests per hour and up to 7 plates and 180 samples per run
    • Convenient operation of the software including scanning of QC certificates using a 2D-hand barcode scanner
  • EUROIMMUN Analyzer I-2P

    • Fully automated ELISA processing for low to medium sample volume with minimal manual input
    • Open system with more than 800 validated EUROIMMUN parameters for autoimmune, infection and allergy diagnostics
    • High reliability and traceability due to automatic identification of barcodes of patient samples and ready-to-use reagents
    • Fast processing of up to 50 tests per hour
    • Capacity for up to 3 plates and 144 samples per run
    • Convenient operation of the software including scanning of QC certificates using a 2D-hand barcode scanner

    [pdf-embedder url=”https://hckl.co.ke/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/DN_2410_D_UK_B-1-Ante-natal-profile.pdf” title=”DN_2410_D_UK_B-1-Ante natal profile”]

  • EUROIMMUN Immunoblots for Autoimmune Diagnostics

    [pdf-embedder url=”https://hckl.co.ke/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Autoimmune-Blots.pdf” title=”Autoimmune Blots”]

  • EUROLabWorkstation ELISA

    • Fully automated processing of ELISA from primary sample to result
    • Highest capacity of up to 15 microplates and up to 700 samples in a single worklist
    • Highest throughput of up to 200 tests per hour due to fast pipetting of samples and reagents using 10 pipetting channels and efficient processing of microplates
    • Flexible open system for ELISA tests from different manufacturers
    • Minimal hands-on time and high integrity of results due to use of bar/matrix codes to identify samples, reagents and accessories
  • EUROLabWorkstation IFA

    Full automation of indirect immunofluorescence

    The EUROLabWorkstation IFA heralds a new era in IIFT automation. With this new development EUROIMMUN enables fully automated and standardised processing with highest capacity and highest efficiency for laboratories with high sample throughput. Up to 750 substrate fields and more than 700 samples can be analysed at high throughput with just one worklist. The system was developed by EUROIMMUN with a focus on data integrity and minimisation of manual processes. The established TITERPLANE Technique is complemented by the newly developed MERGITE! technology for washing of slides. This ensures brilliant fluorescence signals without background for the automatically mounted slides.

    The software can be operated comfortably and intuitively via a touch screen and guides the user through the entire process. Complete traceability is guaranteed at all times, since the matrix codes of the slides and the barcodes of samples, reagents and accessories are automatically detected in each step of the process.

  • EUROPattern

    Computer-aided immunofluorescence microscopy (CAIFM)

    The EUROPattern Suite automates immunofluorescence microscopy (slide transport, image recording and archiving and interpretation of the immunofluorescence images), providing support and improvement in diagnostic result reporting. As a module of the laboratory management software EUROLabOffice, EUROPattern can be flexibly integrated into any laboratory environment.

    The high speed of the system and the minimisation of manual handling enable EUROPattern to be employed for standardised IIFT diagnostics even at the highest of throughput requirements.
    The EUROPattern Suite consists of a fully automated microscope with a slide magazine (500 substrate fields per loading) together with sophisticated pattern recognition software, which not only provides classification in terms of “positive” and “negative” for many substrates, but also reliably recognises the different ANA and ANCA patterns.

    • Automated microscopy and a modern reporting system at the screen for a multitude of EUROIMMUN IIFT products – the darkroom is now obsolete
    • Pattern recognition and titer determination for ANA and ANCA (including mixed patterns), Crithidia and recombinant cells
    • Long walk-away time due to high loading capacity and automated processing of up to 500 positions in one run
    • High-throughput immunofluorescence microscopy – over 250 fluorescence images can be recorded and automatically evaluated in just one hour
    • Reliability and traceability due to automatic identification of slides via matrix codes
  • EUROPattern – Computer-aided immunofluorescence microscopy (CAIFM)

    [pdf-embedder url=”https://hckl.co.ke/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/YG_0071_I_UK_C-1-IFA-Automation.pdf” title=”YG_0071_I_UK_C-1-IFA Automation”]

  • EUROPattern Microscope Live

    Convenient immunofluorescence microscopy

    EUROPattern Microscope Live is a fully automated immunofluorescence system with a processing time of only 2 seconds per image. The enormous speed is complemented by the high comfort of the user software EUROLabOffice 4.0 for evaluation of the immunofluorescence images directly on the computer screen. The intuitive touchscreen user interface allows the user to directly zoom in on the image or to change the position during live microscopy. Moreover, it is possible for several users to view the images simultaneously at the screen – no discussion bridge is required.

    Up to 50 reaction fields are loaded into the microscope at once. Using the 20x objective, a high-resolution camera and high-quality optic components, a large number of substrates can be automatically viewed at the microscope, e.g. tissues, HEp-2 cells, Crithidia, granulocytes and antigen-expressing cells. Focusing is performed fully automatically by a new laser focusing technology. A self-regulating long-life LED as excitation source and the automated microscope calibration based on an integrated fluorescence standard ensure consistent immunofluorescence signal intensity. Owing to its compact design and the opaque housing, the EUROPattern Microscope Live can be used in any room and independently of the light conditions.

  • EUROStar III Plus

    • Constant fluorescence excitation due to regulated LED for reliable and reproducible results
    • Long life span of over 50,000 hours, low current consumption and full light intensity immediately after being switched on
    • Environmentally friendly without mercury
    • cLED available as separate module for equipping various other microscopes
    • Screen diagnostics and digital image acquisition using optional camera with EUROPicture software
    • 50/50 beam splitter for microscopy without switching between the ocular and the optional camera

    CAPP Expell 384 well consumables are made of a special blend of PP, designed for PCR and qPCR applications.

    The ExpellPlus 384 range of pipette tips for 384-well pipetting were developed to fit the unique CAPPAero384 range of pipettes. All tips are low retention, which means they are designed to eliminate sample retention and reduce the binding of DNA, RNA and Proteins. Try the CAPPAero384 portfolio and experience a great increase on your throughput, without any compromise on the accuracy and quality of your results. The range also includes a filter tip to prevent any cross-contamination due to aerosol formation and to prevent dangers from toxic, infectious, radioactive or other hazardous materials to carry over.

    The CAPPSharp 25 mL Reagent Reservoirs enable a quick liquid transfer for our pioneering line of CAPPAero384 pipettes. They are supplied in two different packaging configurations: Bulk or Individually Wrapped, Sterile. All reservoirs are DNA, RNase and Pyrogen free.

    The fully-skirted CAPP Expell 384-well PCR Plates are the ideal choice for PCR and (q)PCR applications, as they fit standard 384-well cyclers and can be used in many 384-well blocks of (q)PCR cycler models. Contact us at info@capp.dk to receive the compatibility chart. They feature ultrathin walls. which are treated to minimize the binding of proteins and have an evaporation rate of less than 3%, enabling the processing of PCR volumes as small as 5 µL.

    Rigid, flat and stackable, the Expell 384 well plates are highly transparent and ideal for applications where the optical qPCR signal is obtained through the bottom of the plate. Fully skirted, CAPP 384 well plates can be used in all standard 384 well cyclers as well as in many 384 well block (q)PCR cycler models. Expell 384 well plates are also ideal for robotic applications, enabling high-throughput and low-volume processing.Thin walled CAPP 384 well plates are specially threated to minimize the binding of proteins. DNA, DNase, RNA, RNase and Pyrogen free, CAPP 384 well plates are autoclavable and have an evaporation grade less than 3%, enabling processing PCR volumes as small as 5µl. Closure can be accomplished with the optical adhesive, cat. no. 5100400C. Contact us for free samples of Expell 384 well plates worldwide.


    Cat. No. Description
    5030005C ExpellPlus 0.2-50µL, racked, sterile, 5x10x384
    5030006C ExpellPlus 0.2-50µL, racked, sterile, filtered, 5x10x384
    5100513C Expell 384 well plate, natural, 320 pcs.
    5100400C Expell PCR Optical Disposable Adhesive, 100 pcs.
    CA40520 CAPPSharp Reagent Reservoir, 25mL, bulk, 5×100 pcs.
    CA40521 CAPPSharp Reagent Reservoir, 25mL, individually wrapped, sterile, 50 pcs.

    Expell and ExpellPlus Bulk tips come in self-standing and self-sealing plastic bags, enabling comfortable usage and storage. The tips can be used directly from the bag or can be manually refilled into all Capp racks. Each bag has a label showing the catalogue and the batch number for easier identification.

    The Capp tips in bulk feature a premium design and a crystal clear clarity as well as accurate graduation marks for exact pipetting. They are available in different lengths within the same volume range for different applications.

    Capp Bulk pipette tips are the ideal choice for cost-sensitive customers. The tips are manufactured under the same strict conditions as all other types of Capp tips and are certified according to RNase, DNase, DNA and Pyrogen free standards. They offer universal compatibility with all major pipette brands on the market.

    Capp tips are produced in a clean-room facility to eliminate the risk of contamination with absolutely no compromise made on the quality parameters.

    Expell Bulk Filter Tips

    Cat. No. Description
    5131030C Expell 10 µL, bag, w/filter, 20×1000 pcs.
    5131060C Expell 10 µL XL, bag, w/filter, 20×1000 pcs.
    5131061C Expell 10/20 µL XL, extra narrow, bag, w/filter, 20×1000 pcs.
    5131062C Expell 20 µL, bag, w/filter, 10×1000 pcs.
    5131066C Expell 100 µL, bag, w/filter, 10×1000 pcs.
    5131090C Expell 200 µL, bag, w/filter, 10×1000 pcs.
    5131150C Expell 1000 µL, bag, w/filter, 10×1000 pcs.


    Expell and ExpellPlus Bulk Non-filter Tips

    Cat.No. Description
    5130010C Expell 10 µL, clear, bag, 20×1000 pcs.
    5030010C ExpellPlus 10 µL, pre-sterile, clear, bag, 20×1000 pcs.
    5030012C ExpellPlus 10 µL, pre-sterile, clear, bag, 5×400 pcs. Individually wrapped
    5130040C Expell 10 µL XL, clear, bag, 20×1000 pcs.
    5030040C ExpellPlus 10 µL XL, pre-sterile, clear, bag, 20×1000 pcs.
    5130041C Expell 10/20 µL XL, extra narrow, clear, bag, 20×1000 pcs.
    5030042C ExpellPlus 10 µL XL, pre-sterile, clear, bag, 5×400 pcs. Individually wrapped
    5130070C Expell 200 µL, clear, bag, 30×1000 pcs.
    4130075C Expell 200 µL, yellow, bag, 30×1000 pcs.
    5030070C ExpellPlus 200 µL, pre-sterile, clear bag, 30×1000 pcs.
    5030072C ExpellPlus 200 µL, pre-sterile, clear, bag, 5×400 pcs. Individually wrapped
    5130100C Expell 300 µL, clear, bag, 10×1000 pcs
    5030130C ExpellPlus 1000 µL (1250 µL), clear, bag, 10×1000 pcs.
    5130130C Expell 1000 µL (1250 µL), clear, bag, 10×1000 pcs.
    4130135C Expell 1000 µL (1250 µL), blue, bag, 10×1000 pcs.
    5130132C Expell 1000 µL (1250 µL), pre-sterile, clear, bag, 5×200 pcs. Individually wrapped
    5130120C Expell 1250 µL XL, clear, bag, 8×500 pcs.
    5130160C Expell 5000 µL, clear, bag, 10×250 pcs.

    These Expell Cryoboxes from CAPP are made out of high quality cardboard and are available with two different grid sizes; 9×9 (81 cells) and 10×10 (100 cells). For easy sample detection our boxes feature a write-on surface, which will make identifying and retrieving you samples a lot easier. CAPP’s cardboard Expell Cryoboxes are chemically-resistant to alcohols and mild organic solvents, but you cannot autoclave them.

    If you are searching for an environmental friendly option for you cryo storage these are a great option as they are fully disposable after use.


    Cat. No. Description
    5042030C Cardboard Cryobox B9, 133x133x50 mm, 9×9 cell grid, case of 36 pcs.
    5042020C Cardboard Cryobox B10, 133x133x50 mm, 10×10 cell grid, case of 36 pcs.